Terms of Service for our Promotional Customers

Order Process

All Orders should be submitted to info@paperplaceink.com along with the following information:

Item Ordered (Cups or Napkins)
Description of Order
Quantity of Order
Size of Product
Date order needs to be in-hand
Where item needs to be shipped

Orders sent without the Required information will not be processed. You are required to read the through the Sales Order and check that everything is correct before Approved.

Paper Place Artwork Regulations

Digital Art Requirements:

Artwork should be submitted in a black and white vectorized file. Please convert the fonts to outlines, or curves in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw using the most current version. There is not an additional cost if the artwork is submitted per these parameters.

.ai, .cdr, & .eps are the preferred file formats for art submission.

We can use .pdf’s made from these art programs as well.

Submission of .jpeg, .png, .tiff, and other files may hamper our ability to recreate your logo and may lead to additional art fees to make usable. If using these, we recommend 5” by 5” and at least 300 d.p.i.-in black and white. We are here to help with your artwork. If your artwork requires editing and cleaning, we will let you know and proceed forward with art charges at $75(V)/hr with a minimum charge of an hour per image.


Photos on cups, carry a $75.00(V) charge to edit a photo for a cup. This charge is due when we begin work on photos. They will be printed in a single color. We recommend a dark color.

Digital 4-Color Napkins

These can only be printed on white, and other light-colored napkins.

Artwork Retrieval:

When requesting old artwork, please provide a PO # or Sales order #.


All copy and art submitted by the Distributor will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, licensing, copyright, right of privacy, patent, or similar protection. Factory will be held harmless from all claims and costs arising from these issues.

Right to Promote:

By submitting an order, we can use overruns for digital or print media to display our capabilities.

Printing Processes:

Screen printing:

We screen print our cups. This printing process delivers images that are very sharp, crisp, and with good ink opacity.

Digital printing:

This is an ink jet process that uses CMYK, otherwise known as 4-color process (4-CP). It is great for photo replication, and replication of special effects such as shadows, highlights, and dramatic contrasts. This process can hold great detail; however, it is not great for Pantone® color matching. All PMS/Spot color logos are converted to CMYK. Most Pantone® colors will appear different when converted to CMYK. This is not considered a defect. The conversion can be referenced with a Pantone® Color Bridge book. When choosing this print method, if you have other items ordered that will be printed in spot colors, they will not look similar. This is not considered a defect. Digital printed items may be run on different machines. This can & will yield color variation throughout the product proof, initial order, reorder, or final product. This is not considered a defect.

Emboss Printing:

This is a printing method that uses heat and pressure to create a raised image into the product. This printing method is best suited for bold imprints without fine detail, halftones, or reversed images. Both imprint methods are available on all napkins. Please note the image is not as crisp on the linen like napkins due to the thickness of the product.

Hot Stamp Printing:

This is a printing method which uses heat and pressure to transfer foil to the item being imprinted. Due to the softness of the napkins a certain amount of bleeding and fill in will occur on fine detail and reverse images. Logos with fine detail and reverse images are recommended to be ink printed. Please note, since foil is stamped on to the products, large solid areas may flake during use. Halftone images are not able to be hot stamped.

Printing Standards & Disclaimers:

Max imprint:

Imprint area specifications can be found next to each item in our catalog. We recommend staying under this area. Unless specified at the time of order, we will enlarge or reduce your image to fit within these areas. Artwork is enlarged and reduced proportionally by both width and height. Therefore, if you request maximum imprint area, only one of the dimensions may be maximized.

Wrap Imprints:

There will be a gap of approximately 1” on screen printed cups. Screen print wrap imprints are limited to one color.

Thin Lines:

The Paper Place recommends using 1 pt line or thicker for thin lines. Reversed lines require 2 pt line or thicker for the graphic. If recommendations are not followed, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome.

Small Text:

The Paper Place recommends using 10 pt fonts or larger for basic text. Script and reversed out fonts should be 12 pt or larger.


Proof Policy:

Proofs are required for all orders, including reorders. We do not allow proofs to be waived. One proof will be emailed free of charge within 24-48 hours of receiving good art and purchase order. Proofs are to show logo placement as well as item color, imprint color, quantity, and special packaging. Your order will not be assigned a ship date until the signed proof approval and any instructed pre-payments are returned. After receiving signed approval and pre-payment we will e-mail an order acknowledgement showing the ship date and method. If requesting a proof without the factory’s receipt of purchase order for printed items, there will be $30(V) charge per item.

Proof Change:

Any change, including ink color, quantity, packaging, etc. will require a new proof. Proof changes are $10(V) per item.

Press Proof:

The Press Proof is an actual pre-production sample. We will email a proof prior to printing the press proof. Production time for a press proof is 7 working days after email proof approval. If the product proof is approved as is, without any changes to the logo, there will not be additional setup charges for the full run of the order. Press Proofs are $50(Z), plus set up charges.

Setup Charges:

New orders:

Setups are always charged per item, per color, per panel. Setup charges are listed on each product page and vary by print method.


On exact reorders, new setups are not required if the date of the last purchase order referenced is within 2 years and is from the original client. If the referenced order was placed over 2 years ago, there will be a new set up required.


Changes to logo size or placement will require new setups. On multi-color logos changing any of the colors in the imprint will require new setup charges for all colors.

Production Time

Production Time Policy:

A ship date is not assigned, and production does not begin until all written approvals and any instructed pre-payments are received.

Approvals received after 2:00 pm CST will be treated as being received the following business day for production scheduling purposes. Orders received with an event date sooner than standard production may be eligible for Rush services. Please see policy below.

Standard Production Time: 7 business days after all approvals.

Rush service:

For service guaranteed faster than 7 business days in house, we do have rush services available. Note, these are just the costs to rush the production. There may be other die and courier charges that are required for a rush order.

  1. a) For orders required in 5-6 business days, we have a rush of $30(V) net
  2. b) For orders required in 3-4 business days, we have a rush of $50(V)
  3. c) For orders required in 1-2 business days, we have a rush of $75(V)
  4. d) Same Day Rush Charges will vary depending on press time available that day – and will be quoted when you request this service.
  5. e) All production times are based on our schedule. We are happy to quote any changes at the time the order is placed.
  6. f) Please be aware that rush charges guarantee your order is ready to leave our facility at the time you have requested. Additional charges, such as courier fees and additional shipping charges may apply to ensure your order arrives on your due date.


Standard packaging:

Standard packaging is made to fit each item. They are determined by the quantities ordered.

Custom packaging:

You may choose to package your products differently from the standard packaging. For this service, a special packaging charge will apply. Please note that changing packaging may require additional boxes. Custom packaging is $0.50(Z) per package.

Custom Fulfillment:

When custom fulfillment is requested, we will be happy to quote.

Custom Case Pack:

When special boxing is requested, there is a minimum charge of $5(Z) per box.



Every effort is made to verify accuracy of the pricing in this catalog and maintain pricing. However, the Paper Place reserves the right to change prices without notice.

3rd Party Pricing & Specifications:

The Paper Place will not be held responsible for erroneous pricing, product description or specifications found on 3rd party publications, websites, and search engines. Please verify the above-mentioned information on the Paper Place website or with Customer Service.

Product Information:

Every effort is made to verify accuracy of the product information in this catalog. Due to printing and computer monitor limitations, product colors can vary. If color is important, please request random samples or order a product proof. Paper Place cannot be held liable for erroneous information or variations in color.

Product Color Variations:

White items will vary in “brightness” from lot to lot. Colored napkin paper is dyed to achieve its respective color; therefore, each lot could appear as a slightly different shade. Napkin color could “bleed” when wet. The shade of plastic products could also vary from lot to lot. This variation in color is not considered to be a defect.

Product Count:

Your order is counted several times through the printing process. When questions arise, the actual shipping weight receipt, for the shipping information will be used to verify product count.

Logo Placement Variation:

The logo will be printed based on the placement shown on the proof. Slight variation of this placement can occur when printing. This is not considered a defect.

Scuffs and Scratches:

It is the nature of plastic and foam to scuff and scratch during stacking and shipping. Clear and dark colored plastic items show this the most. This is not considered a defect.

Product Substitutions:

Paper Place reserves the right to substitute our products with one of a similar design and function. We will need the customer’s approval before making the change.

Order Change:

Any change to a processed order must be in writing and is subject to a $10(v) charge, in addition to any labor and material costs that have accrued.

Order cancellation:

Any cancellation to a processed order must be in writing and is subject to a $25(V) charge, in addition to any labor and material costs that have accrued.


In the event a return in requested, it must be pre-approved by the Paper Place. Under no circumstances will returns be accepted after 30 days from date of delivery. Orders refused by the customer through no fault of Paper Place or unauthorized returned merchandise will be reshipped direct to the distributor, with re-forwarding charges being the distributor’s responsibility.

Unprinted items:

To order unimprinted items, the cost will be quoted from customer service. We do not accept Returns on un-imprinted items. All freight is the responsibility of the customer. Packaging for the unimprinted items may vary from standard packaging.

Order Acknowledgements:

An order acknowledgement is sent for all orders within 24 business hours of the order being entered. It is the distributor’s responsibility to check for discrepancies, as the order will be proofed and produced accordingly. The acknowledgment also has disclaimers for all items being ordered. After proof approval & payment is received, you will receive another acknowledgment showing the ship date and method. Again, please verify this information along with the ship to address for accuracy.

Compliance Policy:

The distributor or end user must make their own determination that their use of product is safe, lawful, and technically suitable for the intended applications.

Random Samples:

We provide random samples for your convenience to show print and item quality. Samples are free of charge. Shipping is the responsibility of the distributor. Due to samples being random in nature, specific color on specific items and specific shape may not be possible. If you need to see a specific color on a specific item, please order a press proof.

Paper Place only sells to authorized promotional products distributors and licensed gift & personalization businesses.

Combined Quantity:

Combined quantity pricing is not available.

Over/Under Runs:

Your order is counted several times through the printing process. We make every effort to ship exact quantities ordered. However, over/under runs can be +/-10%.

General Info



UPS and FedEx


All products are shipped FOB Dallas, TX. Paper Place will not be held responsible for lost, damaged or delayed products caused by shipping carriers.

Split Shipments:

$10(Z) per address and shipping method.

Third Party Billing:

When shipping on any third-party account other the Paper Place’s account, there is a charge of $5(Z) per box.


$5(Z) handling charge per box, plus the actual cost of freight.

Freight Quotes:

We can provide freight quotes for orders shipping to USA and Puerto Rico via UPS/FedEx. These are approximate and for estimation purposes only. We are unable to provide quotes for international shipments.

Carrier Address Corrections & Intercept fees:

Any charges for address corrections or interception fees will be billed at cost and are the responsibility of the distributor.

Product Damage Claims:

All claims must be made within 5 days. Please note that one should expect a reasonable percentage of breakage on disposable plastic drinkware. If after inspection of your entire shipment you feel that a claim with the carrier is warranted, we will be happy to help by filing a claim on your behalf. All products are shipped FOB. Customer must retain packaging and contents to make them available for the carriers for inspection.

International Shipments:

The distributor or end user is responsible for all duties, taxes, and fees on international shipments. A 3rd party account is required for shipping. Freight quotes cannot be provided.

In hands date:

We reserve the right to ship via an expedited method to meet any “event date” or “in hands date” listed on the purchase order.

Pantone®Matching System:

Otherwise known as PMS is a system shared worldwide by the printing industry. PMS is a system that standardizes the definition of color whereby printers in separate locations can be assured of the color outcome. The use of the term PMS or PMS # in this catalog refers to Pantone® Matching System and its intellectual property.

Ink Color Match:

The Paper Place offers free PMS matching. We take great pride in our ability to match PMS colors, however color match is only guaranteed +/- one shade on white/clear items. We cannot guarantee PMS match on colored items. If a purchase order says to use a PMS # and the color described does not match the number give, we are not responsible. We do not check to see if the PMS # provided is the color stated. Due to the nature of uncoated products, they will not exhibit the “sheen” of a coated ink color, we will use Pantone® solid uncoated colors when printing on uncoated products.

Ink odor:

Products are printed with inks that must evaporate to dry. Vapors may be trapped in the plastic packaging before they have completely dissipated. The inks are dry, but there may be a residual odor in the package from the vapors. Some colors or ink have more odor than others and the amount of ink coverage can affect the amount of odor. This odor, should it be present, is not considered a defect. It is similar to painting a room in your home. The paint will be dry, but there will be an odor that remains for several days. Should this odor be a concern, remove the products from the plastic packaging and let them air to eliminate the odor. Normally, once the product is placed for use, any odor that remains will quickly dissipate.

Ink Adhesion:

Products are sold as disposable and for one time use only. Some items are stamped as residential top rack dishwasher safe. However, due to environmental variables beyond the Paper Place’s control, the imprint in not guaranteed to stay on.

Ink Changes:

Ink changes are available in increments of 50 pieces, cost of $15(V) per change.

Standard Ink Colors:

If a PMS # is not available, you may choose from our standard ink colors. We offer free PMS matching, so feel free to supply a Pantone® color if available. We use the Coated PMS colors for imprints on Cups, and Uncoated PMS colors for imprints on Napkins.


We will send a proof to confirm placement, which will require your approval.

Pick Ups:

An email will be shipped for all orders placed as Pick Up when they are completed only. All orders placed as Pick-Up can be kept for one week. Any orders kept after that time will be shipped to the client. The client will pay for the shipping.

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